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Ho Wan Jeremy Leung


Hi, my name is Jeremy, I am a friendly professional musician from England. In addition to my teaching, I am a classical and jazz pianist playing with a variety of ensembles from orchestras to trios.

If you want to find out more about my performance work, please check out my Pianist page and read my recent interviews with The Cross-Eyed Pianist and The Local.

Curriculum Vitae and References are available on request. Testimonials are available below.
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I teach, and have taught, all ages and abilities, classical, jazz and contemporary styles of piano in a relaxed and friendly environment. Whether playing for fun or wanting structured lessons to pass ABRSM and TRINITY exams to distinction, I tailor my lessons to each student!

    I aim to encourage students to develop at their own pace to play with musicality and confidence. I guide my students step by step to learn new skills and set weekly homework practice tasks. I provide students with a solid grounding in technical and stylistic aspects of piano playing, together with an understanding of cultural and historical contexts, and general musicianship.

    My primary concern is to make lessons as enjoyable as possible, as I believe this stimulates learning. My teaching style is relaxed and flexible. Students are encouraged to work towards graded exams but this is not obligatory. However, I am a firm believer in the premise, 'practise makes perfect', and all my students are encouraged to practise regularly.

    Learning to play the piano has many benefits: it can improve concentration, develop and strengthen memory, and improve mental and physical co-ordination. It also offers a deep sense of personal achievement, enjoyment and self-fulfilment.

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    Music Theory lessons are mainly based around the ABRSM syllabus for those wanting to take the exam or just broaden their music theory knowledge. I also cover topics from the AQA and OCR syllabus for those taking A Level or GCSE Music, as well as teaching Advanced Music Theory for BA Music students.

    A longstanding ABRSM benchmark is that a pass at Grade 5 or above in Theory of Music must be obtained before candidates can enter for Grades 6, 7 or 8 Practical exams. I believe that a thorough understanding of the elements of music is essential for a full and satisfying performance at these higher grades.
    1. The Basics of Rhythm and Tempo
      2. Introduction to Pitch
        3. Continuing with Rhythm
          4. More Scales, Keys and Clefs
            5. The Grouping of Notes and Rests
              6. Rhythm: Words, Syncopation
                7. Intervals and Transposition
                  8. Triads and Chords
                    9. Phrases and Cadences
                      10. Tempo, Dynamics and Mood
                        11. Articulation
                          12. Ornaments and Embellishments
                            13. Reiterations and repeats
                              Appendix A. Irregular Divisions of Compound Time Values

                                Appendix B. Notes and Keys in English, German, French, Italian

                                  Glossary. Foreign Words used for Performance Directions
                                  14. Voices
                                    15. Non-harmony notes
                                      16. More about tonal harmony
                                        17. Chromatic chords
                                          18. Aspects of melody
                                            19. String instruments
                                              20. Woodwind and Brass instruments
                                                21. Percussion and Keyboard instruments
                                                  22. Instruments in combination
                                                    23. Before the tonal period
                                                      24. Some modern developments
                                                        Appendix C. Names of orchestral instruments in English, Italian, German & French 

                                                          Appendix D. Roman chord-indications

                                                            Appendix E. Pitch specifications

                                                              Appendix F. Clefs
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                                                              Composition lessons are aimed at students, studio owners, songwriters and anyone starting out or aspiring to compose. I can provide GCSE, A Level and BA Music composition lessons. If you are looking into composition as a hobby, no formal music education is required. During the series of lessons, you can choose to cover any or all of the topics I offer.

                                                              1. Advanced Music Theory
                                                                2. Musical Analysis and History of Musical Styles and Forms
                                                                  3. Composition in Different Styles
                                                                    4. Orchestration and Arrangement
                                                                      5. Digital Music, Studio Techniques and Production
                                                                        6. Music Composition and Digital Audio Workstation Software
                                                                          7. Producing your own music and finding your individual compositional voice
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                                                                          I am the Director and founder of Firebird Music Tuition, a specialist music service with a variety of professional tutors.

                                                                            If you are looking to learn another instrument, Firebird Music Tuition has a comprehensive selection of tutors covering most instruments.

                                                                            • First lesson free with no commitment.
• We welcome all ages and abilities.

                                                                            • Fun, relaxed and friendly environment.

                                                                            • Tailored lessons for exam success or play for fun.
                                                                            • Be taught from your home or teacher’s studio.

                                                                            Please note, I am currently offering one free lesson for every student referred to my studio. I look forward to teaching your friends as well and I hope to create a musical community for us to make music together in.

                                                                              Good luck with your lessons and I hope you enjoy all the musical activities to come!

                                                                              • Beginners - There are no starting requirements and I am happy to take complete beginners in all courses offered.
                                                                                • Intermediate to Advanced - Post Grade 8 and DipABRSM students are welcome for all courses offered.
                                                                                  • University - BA Music students are welcome for all courses offered as well as drop in sessions or consultations on coursework.
                                                                                    • I offer Skype/Facetime lessons which are mainly suited to music theory and composition.
                                                                                      • Prices are the same for all subjects and instruments.
                                                                                        • Extended lessons available on request.
                                                                                          • I am DBS checked, a member of the Musicians’ Union (PLI), and an Advanced First Aider with St John Ambulance.
                                                                                            • I have a 100% exam pass rate.
                                                                                              • I am available to teach from my studio located in central Lund, or travel to you (within Lund and Malmö).
                                                                                                • Lessons can be taken in either English and Swedish.
                                                                                                • 60 minutes
                                                                                                • 45 minutes
                                                                                                • As a teacher he showed a mix of empathy towards my teenage son (who had both exam pressures and a desire to play some challenging contemporary rock!), along with professionalism to maintain a series of lessons that provided direction and improvement on skills, whilst maintaining a balance of different musical genres. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeremy.

                                                                                                  Mother to Jack aged 15
                                                                                                • Jeremy is a enthusiastic and charismatic tutor who has bespoke lessons for each student. He is very good at working with the student to cover the material they want to play. Whether it be formal prep for exams or messing around with the latest pop hit, Jeremy has a fantastic approach and knows how to utilise the lesson to achieve the fullest potential. He was a pleasure as a tutor, and any new students looking for tuition Jeremy is a no-brainer!

                                                                                                • Jeremy taught my son piano for a year and a half. My son has become a good piano player with Jeremy's help. Jeremy's calm and encouraging style were a big factor in my son's improvement. Whilst working with Jeremy my son successfully passed two grades, took part in a concert, and became proficient in a range of different musical styles. I heartily recommend Jeremy as a teacher.

                                                                                                  Father to Nicky aged 10
                                                                                                • Jeremy set the perfect pace for a novice and progressively applied just the right pressure to move me forward. Looking back over the last few months I can see I have learnt sooooo much and become more confident in my ability for the future. Thank you.

                                                                                                • He is a patient, enthusiastic, organised and inspirational teacher and we cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you Jeremy!

                                                                                                  Mother to Ellen aged 13
                                                                                                • He manages his lessons in a 'student led' manner and has been very perceptive in gauging the needs and personality of my 10 year old. I can highly recommend him as a sensitive and talented teacher. Ned says “Jeremy is a legend”.

                                                                                                  Mother to Ned aged 10
                                                                                                • Both kind and endlessly patient - she now genuinely looks forward to piano lessons!

                                                                                                  Mother to Mia aged 9
                                                                                                • Jeremy has been fantastic in motivating Ella to practice more regularly and to experiment with different types of music. She really enjoys her lessons and has made great progress since she has had Jeremy as her teacher.

                                                                                                  Mother to Ella aged 14
                                                                                                • He is a brilliant teacher... inspiring, patient and very talented.

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